Glenn M. From Ocean City

Nurse Professionals Home Care name is very misleading!

I would say they are more of personalized home care. Yes, they are absolutely professional through the whole process, but in this time of need, the kindness & personal service is the top priority.

When it is time to call in help for your loved one as I did, you need all the help & guidance from caring people like Anita. It is tough enough to convince someone who has been taking care of themselves their whole life that they need help. Not only do they come to your home for an evaluation, but their kindness puts your loved ones at ease. They can choose the best personal caregiver for your needs and personality fit for the person in need.

I can’t say enough, about how hard it is to make the decision that as a caregiver, you need help! Not just for you, but the one you care about as well.

In my case, my mother was a tough sell to convince her she needed help. Sound familiar? By the end of the evaluation visit by Anita, my mother gave her one of her most prized possessions, one of her hand made afghans. That speaks volumes.

I will be forever grateful to Anita and Nurse Professionals Home Care. Thank You.


Renee From Salisbury

I am pleased to recommend and support Anita Battista, President, Nurse Professionals Home Care in her bud to become the provider of the Community Options Waiver for State of MD on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Given a very positive history of service to older adults in Waiver Programs offered through our offices at MAC INC, Nurse Professionals Home Care will undoubtedly continue the same effective service under this new effort to combine the Medicaid Waiver for Older Adults and the Living at Home Waiver, effective January 1, 2014.

Nurse Professionals Home Care, networks well with other providers of services across Delmarva and efficiently delivers service based on solid experience and extensive knowledge of the community resources. The staff works creatively to address issues both large and small quickly and cost effectively. Anita Battista’s extensive networking brought her to my office in July 2012 when the new Maryland Home and Community Caregiver Resource Center office opened at MAC INC. Soon thereafter, she accepted my invitation to work on the Caregivers Coordinating Advisory Council associated with the Caregiver Resource Center. She is an active member with sound insights and expert advice/ community connections on both policy and operations.


Vicki P. From Worcester and Wicomico Counties

I am writing to recommend the services of Nurse Professionals Home Care and Anita Battista, R.N. I am a Supports Planner in the Community First Choice Program. Mrs. Battista’s agency has provided services for our clients since 2011. I know her to be an extremely professional woman who is very responsive to all questions and concerns. She works very hard to make sure that each of my clients are pleased with their personal care providers and RN monitor.

I feel extremely confident in recommending Mrs. Battista and her agency.

Thank you very much.


Tess I. From Salisbury

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Anita Battista. We have used Nurse Professionals for out staffing needs for many years at Deer’s Head Hospital Center; this is the first agency we call to fill staffing needs on all shifts. Anita’s staff is well trained, reliable and competent. I can rely on Anita to provide excellent customer service by returning my call promptly; she addresses my concerns immediately and handles problems personally and professionally.

I believe she is a wonderful example of an outstanding business woman and deserves to be nominated for the 2013 Top 100 Business Enterprise Award. She has the distinction of being one of the few women on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to own and operate a successful business.


Diane P. From Wicomico County

I have had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Anita Battista for several years during which time I have found her to be an accommodating, attentive, and diligent professional. Mrs. Battista is active in the community she serves. For example, she sits on the board of the Berlin and Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce. This community involvement reflects the dedication she demonstrates toward growth and business development in the community. Mrs. Battista’s agency, Nurse Professionals Home Care has been an asset to the Wicomico County Board of Education School Health Program. The nurses she provides to work within our schools produce a high level of competence and client satisfaction. Mrs. Battista has made herself available to requests for staffing seven days a week. This provides me with the knowledge and comfort as a supervisor of efficient staffing in my schools. It has been a priviledge to work with Mrs. Battista both professionally and personally and I believe she truly cares about the community she serves. I would definitely recommend her for the 2013 Top 100 Minority Business Award.


Connie C. From Worcester County

This letter is being written to provide my recommendation for Nurse Professionals Home Care, which has been a Medicaid Waiver Provider since 2011.

I am currently a case manager at MAC Incorporated for the Medicaid Older Adults Waiver program and I have worked with Mrs. Battista and her agency throughout my time here at MAC. I am very pleased with the services that Nurse Professionals Home Care has provided to my clients. There is always direct communication between the agency staff, myself, and the client, which is very important when working in this field. I have been very impressed with Ms. Battista’s knowledge and expertise as a nurse and she stays very involved directly with all of her clients, as well as reaches out to the case managers when any concerns or issues may arise.