Stress Management in Challenging Times

This year has no doubt been stressful, and with current discussions regarding an increase of COVID-19 incidence as we enter the fall and winter months we believe now would be an appropriate time to address stress management strategies. These activities have been specifically chosen as effective during the cooler months on the Eastern Shore, when typical activities such as boating in Cambridge or walking Berlin’s downtown district are limited by the weather and the need for social distancing.

To begin, the CDC has developed a webpage titled “Coping with Stress: Coronavirus Disease 2019” which addresses a wide range of stressors that may be encountered during this time, including financial, mental, and disease recovery. this page also has a list of resources (at the bottom of the page) for families, communities, higher risk individuals, and health care workers.

Another excellent resource developed by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs’ Patient Care Services is the Manage Stress Workbook. This free document has a number of tools, worksheets, and step-by-step guides to identify stressors and address them. Each of the interventions can be completed in about 10 minutes. This evidence based resource is easy to use, comprehensive, and free!

Finally, Men’s Talk Counseling has developed a resource for Understanding and Managing Stress in Adults, Seniors, and Caregivers. This resource, similar to the VA Workbook addressed earlier, is designed to explain stress, its symptoms, and management strategies.

We hope these resources prove to be helpful during this challenging time. If you or a loved one needs help at home, please contact Nurse Professionals Home Care to find out of our services are the right fit!