Medications and Older Adults: The AGS Beers Criteria

The American Geriatrics Society reports that one in six adults over the age of 65 will likely have one or more harmful interactions to medications. At Nurse Professionals Home Care we believe an informed patient and family can make better decisions about their care and medication plans.

For over twenty years the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) has taken steps to review, identify, and warn the public about the risks associated with various medications taken by older adults. In doing this, the AGS has developed several lists of guidelines for adults over 65 in order to lessen the number of harmful interactions experienced by older patients. These criteria are updated constantly as new medications are created and new research is published regarding patient safety. To review the article explaining these guidelines, click HERE. If you would like to view the complete study, as well as the full medications list and guidelines, please click HERE.