How to Ask about Help: Tips for Tough Conversations on Home Care

Often in Home Care, we find ourselves having difficult conversations with our clients and their families. Our staff in Ocean City, Cambridge, and Church Creek, as well as many other communities along Maryland’s Eastern Shore, have these conversations regularly and find educating clients and their families to be beneficial for all parties involved. Because of this, we have gathered several resources for how to start these conversations as well as key points to keep in mind.

An ARTICLE written by allways home care outlines tips on bringing up home care with loved-ones, including starting discussions on a positive note and understanding your loved-one’s desire to control their own life. We found this article appropriate for developing the right mindset around these tough conversations. ANOTHER ARTICLE, this one by Amy Goyer for the AARP Blog, details discrete points to consider before starting the conversation with your loved-ones, including observing specific concerns before addressing them. Finally we found an additional article through the AARP Blog titled, “How to Assist the Stubborn Male Caregiver“, which details providing support for older male loved-ones who have assumed the caregiver role for their significant other.