Arthritis Pain Management

Many of the clients we serve on the Eastern Shore have dealt with varying severities of Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis, or OA, is a degenerative joint disease and the most common type of arthritis. The World Health Organization estimates between 9.6%-18% of the world population have diagnosed OA, with 25% of these people unable to perform some or all of their activities of daily living because of their OA. We have seen this in the microcosm of our home care clients, and believe we can provide some guidance to resources we have found that may be beneficial for those in pain.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed a “Strive for Five” plan to organize daily self-management strategies. These five areas of focus are: learn new self-management skills, be active, talk to your doctor, manage your weight, and protect your joints. The article has several links to outside sources for more information on each topic.

Additionally the CDC has a webpage dedicated to Physical Activity for Arthritis, containing information on the importance of physical activity and how to adjust exercise and activity to maximize safety while enjoying the activities you love. At the bottom of this page there are several links to both federal (CDC) and nonfederal resources regarding activity guidelines and options.

Lastly, we found a fellow Blog by the Arthritis Foundation that addresses many topics ranging from medications and nutritional choices to physical activity and finding a qualified yoga instructor.

We will close by reminding our fellow community members to contact your physician before beginning an exercise program and refrain from starting, stopping, or changing medications or supplements without first consulting your healthcare professional.