Healthy Diets, Healthy Minds

We invite you to read THIS STUDY published in June of 2016 regarding cognition as a function of diet quality. Specifically this study explains attention, cognitive flexibility, perceptual speed, and visuospatial ability all appear to be contingent on high quality diets (as outlined by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans) and can be improved incrementally with small positive changes in long term diet habits. This study analyzed over two thousand residents of Baltimore, all of varying socioeconomic status, and found that regardless of the amount of money subjects had the quality their diet was a large determining factor in their overall cognitive health. For our clients and potential clients the takeaway from this study is simple: investing in quality food options is an investment in your mental health. We urge our clients in Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester counties to use this information to make healthier diet choices.